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Ruskin Animal Hospital

Exotic and Pocket Pet Care

Ruskin Animal Hospital is pleased to offer exotic pet care and provide the compassionate, one-on-one care they deserve.

Services You Can Expect for Your Pet

Yearly wellness exams are just as important for your exotic pet as they are for dogs and cats. Birds, rabbits, reptiles and pocket pets will do their best to hide any signs of illness or pain, which can progress very quickly. Furthermore, since many exotic pets lead relatively short lives, annual exams will help us detect problems sooner and provide the appropriate treatment.

Overall, we can provide these services to keep your exotic pet healthy and happy:

  • Physical exams

  • Standard diagnostics

  • Treatment for sick or injured pets

  • Vaccines - ferrets can be vulnerable to rabies and distemper

  • Nail, beak and wing trims

  • Advice regarding nutrition, handling, housing and grooming

  • Boarding - granted your pet can come with their own enclosure

For complex and advanced treatment, we will refer your pet to a specialist.

Why Choose Us for Your Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are a major responsibility, just like any other pet. They each have unique needs and characteristics that require qualified veterinary care. We guide and educate you on your exotic pet so they receive the best care possible on a regular basis. In turn, your pet can benefit from greater longevity and wellbeing. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about raising and caring for your exotic pet--we'll be glad to provide answers! If you need an appointment, talk to one of our team members today. We look forward to giving your pet a lifetime of excellent care.