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Webcam Instructions

Here are step by step instructions on how to access our webcams and check in on your furry little friends.

Webcam Instructions

Canine Suite Webcam Instructions for PC Desktops directly below:

Step 1

For VIP Suite webcam viewing From the Internet Explorer Browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc… will not work)

Use the link:

The first time that you use the browser it will ask you to download/install/run Active X. **

Enter the username and password for your pet’s VIP Suite. Click on Login. Then click on Connect. (upper left side of screen) One webcam will be activated to view your pet’s VIP Suite. Double click on that box to get a better view of your pet. PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOGOUT WHEN YOU ARE DONE VIEWING YOUR PET.

Step 2

If you are not able to log on to the site by typing in the web browser you will need to follow these instructions to view your pet on the web cam.

On your computer, go to Internet Explorer. Open Internet Explorer. At the top of the screen find Tools. Click on Tools. Click on Internet Options. Then look for the tab labeled Security (at the top of the page), click on that. Then look for the Custom Level tab. Click on that. The window is labeled security setting. Scroll through your settings. As soon as you get to a setting labeled Active X controls and plug-ins you will need to click prompt or enable on each sub-setting. There could be multiple sub settings. Then go to Step 1 and try again. By changing these settings you are allowing your computer to use the web cam software needed to view your pet. You can always change your settings back to the original settings after viewing your pet.

Canine Suite Webcam Instructions for Android and iPhones/iPads:

Step 1

You need to download the DW VMAX app. You add/set up by selecting the plus sign(+) in the upper left corner.

That should bring you to a screen that has you fill in select DVR Type:

  • VMAXFlex on android

  •  Model is Vmax480 for iPhone.  For an iPhone you have to also enter your corresponding camera channel.  Fyi: you do not need to enter anything for a “web port”.

Step 2

Entering in information:

Site name (we picked ruskin ah), IP address (, Port (8245), and then the User Id and Password.  The User Name, Password, and channel for your pet is provided for you on a little piece of paper.

After all of this is entered you select:

  • Android- “Menu”  this will bring you back to the “Main Menu” where you can select your camera and the select “Live” at the bottom of the screen.

  • Apple Select “Done”,” Save”, “Done”, and then make sure your camera is highlighted and select “Live”.

Ta-da! You should have a view of your pet.   Your first time might take min or two to load and connect, please let us know if you need help.

Webcam Login Site: